Best Burial and Final Expense Insurance Companies 2020

Burial insurance for seniors is referred to as a simple issue whole life insurance policy due to very lenient underwriting guidelines and fast cash payouts. 

What is covered in this article.

  • Best burial insurance companies.
  • How much burial insurance do you need?
  • Burial insurance with no waiting period.
  • Immediate burial insurance coverage.
  • Can you get burial insurance if you have cancer? 
  • Is burial insurance a good deal?

It may be one of the best kinds of final expense insurance protection you can buy.  As long as you pay your monthly premiums, your burial coverage is guaranteed for life.  Premiums never go up and payouts never go down.

When it comes to selecting the best burial insurance policy there are several factors you should consider.

Choose a life insurance company with at least an A+ rating from one of the top rating agencies.  

The rating agency rates the insurance companies for overall strength and ability to meet obligations to policyholders.  We shop and compare rates from the top rated final expense insurance carriers to find you the best price and policy.

The next consideration is go with an insurance company you feel comfortable with.  I can help with any questions or concerns you might have.  I’ll take care of all the paperwork and recommend the best burial insurance policy or mortgage protection insurance. Plan ahead today so your family doesn’t have to in the future.

Make sure to go with a monthly payment that you feel comfortable with.  If your on a fixed budget, I understand every dollar counts. I will find you a final expense insurance company that fits your needs and budget. 

Best Burial Insurance Companies

Living Promise

Whole Life


Eagle Premier

Give your loved ones the security knowing that you have planned ahead with a burial insurance policy. 

Will your family be covered if something happens to you?

Did you know that a funeral can cost around  $10,000 to $20,000 possibly higher?  The national average for a funeral cost varies depending on what state you live in. 

Social Security benefits only pay $255 for funeral expenses and the Veteran’s Administration benefit offers only $300.

How much burial insurance do you need?

Costs you need to consider before purchasing funeral insurance: casket, headstone and engraving, burial plot, hurst, funeral service, wake visitation, cremation fees, flowers, legal fees, probate fees, hospital bills, mortgage and car payments, credit cards, cash gifts.

These expenses can add up fast. 

Plan ahead early to take care of your loved ones’ with affordable burial insurance with no waiting period.  

Final expense insurance is designed to help alleviate the financial stress associated with losing a loved one.  We offer a wide variety of coverage plans tailored to your specific budgets and needs. 

If you have health issues you still qualify.  That’s great news if your worried about qualifying for insurance with pre existing health conditions. 

Have you ever had a major health problem such as heart attack, stroke, cancer diagnosis?

You still qualify for a guaranteed issue final expense policy. 

Guaranteed issued policy’s have a 2 year waiting period, after that period the policy pays out in full in the event the insured passes away. 

If you were to pass away during the two year graded period, your beneficiaries will get premiums paid plus 10% typically depending on plan choice.

If you are in better health you can usually qualify for level or immediate burial insurance coverage. 

Basically that means you have full coverage from the day of approval.  Your beneficiary would receive a cash payout day one of the policy in the event of your passing.  The premium rates tend to be lower with level immediate final expense insurance coverage versus, a guaranteed or graded policy.  

Burial Insurance policy amounts start at $2,000 up to $40,000 of coverage depending on what state you live in.   Monthly premiums vary depending on age and health conditions.  The average final expense monthly premium is around $45.00 per month. 

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Is burial insurance a good deal?

The death of a loved one is an extremely difficult and a very emotional time in your life.  Then add on the financial stress of paying for a funeral without insurance.  Funeral expenses can devastate your budget.    

The National Funeral Directors Association estimates the median cost of a funeral at $9135.

Funeral expenses add up fast and vary by state:

  • Burial plot $2500
  • Transportation Hearse $500
  • Headstone $250 to $10,000
  • Cremation $500 to $4000
  • Urn $50 to $1000
  • Funeral Home fees $3000 and up
  • Wake and viewing $750
  • Flowers $50 to $1000
  • Casket $2000 to $10,000
  • Burial Vault Liner $500 to $2000

Putting a funeral on a credit card can put a heavy financial strain on your loved one’s budget.  During this exceedingly difficult time, we make buying decisions with grief and emotion and typically overpay.   You can plan today and preserve your family’s financial future with a burial insurance policy.

If someone depends on you to take care of them while you are still alive, they may still need your assistance when you are no longer around.

Yes burial insurance is a good deal!

For $25.26 per month you can get a $9000 burial insurance policy with no waiting period or medical exam. Quote based on a 55-year-old female, nonsmoker, several health questions and certain qualifications apply. You can customize your policy to fit your needs and budget. 

Do you need a burial policy today?

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Can you get burial insurance if you have cancer? 

Getting a cancer diagnosis is one of the most stressful and emotional events an individual can go through. Consider bringing a relative with you to the doctor with a list of questions.  

Yes, you can get burial insurance if you have cancer.  

You can qualify for a Guaranteed issue policy. This policy is referred to as a graded policy. There is a 2-year waiting period. During that time if you were to pass away. Your beneficiary would get back premiums paid plus interest depending on plan choice. 

Need help getting  burial Insurance for your parents?

If you are of sound mind and can sign the application. You can receive a guaranteed issue whole life policy with a cancer diagnosis

Coverage amounts $2000 up to $40,000.

If you are between 40 and 80 years old, your acceptance is guaranteed.  

Burial Insurance with no medical exam or lengthy health questions. 

A guaranteed issued whole life policy builds cash value over time. You can take out a loan on the cash value you have. 

If you were to die in an accident,  the policy pays out in full to your beneficiary in the first 2 years. 

A guaranteed issue policy is a smart choice if you have had a cancer diagnosis. 

Premium’s never increase. 

Your policy cannot be cancelled if you pay the monthly premiums.

Need a guaranteed issue burial insurance policy today? 

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It takes about 20 minutes to get covered over the phone.  

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